Learning Thai Just Got A Hell Of A Lot More Fun…

Flashcards are one of the most effective ways to study languages and learn vocabulary, as they tap in to our capacity for visual learning and engage our active recall mechanism.

But there’s been little by way of quality flashcards for Thai language learners; until now.

Enter the appropriately named: Thai Flashcards.

Pioneered by Sandra Vivi Anderson, Thai Flashcards came about from her passion for graphic design and desire to learn Thai.

Her product’s tagline – graphic language learning for creative minds – goes some way to illustrate the charm and enjoyment of acquiring vocabulary with these flashcards, which are illustrated with witty and irreverent images.

thai language flashcards

Thai Flashcards focus on memorising vocabulary by association.

You may notice that some of the words and images are necessarily directly related to each other: that’s because the relationship between the two primarily need to be memorable rather than rational.

thai language flashcards

And the fact that some of the graphics are a little out of left field means that more concentration is needed to connect the illustration to the word, helping to challenge your brain and ramp up your focus for optimum learning.

The flashcards are furnished with the graphic, the Thai script, the English translation and the Thai pronunciation in the Latin alphabet.

thai language flashcards

This lobster is our spirit animal.

To find out more, visit the Thai Flashcard’s Facebook and Instagram pages.




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