Meet The Bangkok Businesswoman Getting Thailand’s Resorts Online

As it’s just been International Women’s Day, we at What’s On Sukhumvit think the time is ripe to celebrate some of the many women leading and managing businesses across Thailand.

One such woman is Krittika Maturostrakul, aka Fair; one of the founders of the brand new, Bangkok-based, Resort Listing.

Resort Listing works with resorts across Thailand to get their properties online and promoted across all the major holiday accommodation sites throughout the world.

A Bangkok girl through and through, Krittika was inspired to create Resort Listing after noticing the number of beautiful Thai resorts that weren’t getting the volume of bookings they ideally should be, because of their weak online presence – or occasionally, lack of any online presence at all.

The new head of Google Thailand recently touched on this Thailand-wide problem too, commenting that Google are planning on getting more than 1 million small and medium sized Thai enterprises online in the next two years.

“We want to bring more Thais and small and medium sized enterprises online to benefit from the digital marketing opportunity,” Ben King told the Bangkok Post.

This is exactly what Krittika is hoping to do with Resort Listing, by increasing the number of tourists that get to see these unknown Thai resorts, thus helping them to increasing bookings and ultimately, their revenue.

Working business to business, the all girl team will create a unique listing for every Thai resort before promoting them across the biggest holiday sites all over the world, including the following:

  • Airbnb
  • HomeAway
  • Wimdu
  • Roomorama
  • Holidaylettings

These customised listings will reach up to a whopping 50 million travellers every month, putting smaller Thai resorts on the map for tourists looking for their perfect holiday.

Resort Listing also handle all booking inquiries, promising ultra-fast responses and ensuring that customer service is always prioritised.

The Resort Listing management team boasts a boatload of experience in sales and marketing across Asia, as well as in art direction and graphic design, so Krittika feels her team is perfectly placed to help Thailand’s small resorts get a foothold in the online world.

resort listing thailand

“The Resort Listing team will do all the hard work for the Thai resort businesses whose team may otherwise lack the internet know-how and English communication skills to really make a hit online,” explains Krittika.

“We have a full-time, English and Thai speaking, professional team so can cover all angles for smaller businesses, including dealing with international guest inquiries 24/7 – a very useful tool if the resort staff speak only Thai! By creating a custom listing and promoting Thai resorts to over 50 million monthly travellers, we can help grow the revenue of these smaller businesses and help them navigate the huge online marketing world.”

As well as generally being a proud leader for Thai women in business in Thailand, Krittika is excited about heading a start-up in Thailand’s burgeoning online marketing scene.

“Thailand’s growth in the last decade can be mirrored in the upward trend of female participation in senior management roles across the corporate world. I believe the Thai startup scene will eventually go that way in time too, with more and more young, aspiring Thai women like myself joining the online startup scene,” she says.

resort listing“You just need to go for it, and if you believe in something passionately enough, the rewards will eventually come with hard work,” she advises. “It’s not easy but I set new goals every day for myself and my team and we’re hoping for a pay-off in the future. We are hoping to secure more investment from a backer in order to take our growth to the next level.”

With internet penetration at just 37 percent in Thailand, the Kingdom is a long way behind its neighbours in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam in terms of global connectivity. While acknowledging that there’s a lot of work to do to help Thailand get online, Krittika is excited for the future.

“If Resort Listing can contribute in any way to helping more Thai resort owners move their businesses online, it will be a win-win for both us and the resorts themselves, which will in turn benefit Thailand’s overall inbound tourism revenue.”

 We’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear from Krittika and her team at Resort Listing…

In the meantime, check out Resort Listing on Facebook!



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