Passion For Fashion: Bangkok Street Style

Easy Access(orizing)

bangkok street style fashion

For the working, busy or just plain lazy folks in the city, this look pieces simple outfits together using accessories and layering techniques to make you look instantly Instagram-ready for the #ootd.

A simple and comfortable ensemble like a pastel top and shorts can look much classier with sunglasses, bags, watches, and shoes all in the same color. Gold, silver and metallic colors are perfect to “classy-fy” a look by pairing up similar items for contrast while gladiator sandals complete the outfit in style.

Layer with denim jackets or blazers to add structure to a simple outfit, accentuate your figure and make it instantly dressier. You can also use different textures, like leather or chiffon, to show different levels and dress up a simple outfit. For instance, a simple black ensemble can look so good paired with leather shoes.

The strategy is art; using different mediums to create a look. The key, discrete accessories used are usually shoes (essential anyway!), a watch (quite handy in telling the time), shades (to beat the Bangkok sun) and a bag (literally, where you stock everything). Thou shalt not stick to just jeans and tees no more!

bangkok street style fashion

Buy: H&M, Forever 21 or – my personal favorite – Samphaeng market, where you’ll find a variety of designs at wholesale prices

Uptown Funk

bangkok street style fashion

This look is by far my favorite as it’s the most colorful and unique.

It takes a very hipster approach to style, allowing you to experiment with many colors and daring patterns. The mix of pattern and pattern or color and color creates the boldest form of fashion, and is bound to catch a few eyes wherever you go.

The use of tropical patterns like flowers and leaves gives a Bangkok feel to the look, and you can retain a high level of chic by accessorizing and matching a hat or a bag to the outfit too. In the spring show of London Fashion Week, botanicals were quite a craze as they’re so perfect for spring time.

Using such color and different shades in the outfit and accessories also gives a very Vogue-like appeal as they sync the outfit together beautifully. This season the trend is also to use lots of pastel colors while playing around with shades like mustard yellow and olive green. Using one color as a baseline and deriving other darker and lighter colors based on that gives a nice contrast and makes it overall a very funky outfit to wear through the Bangkok streets.

bangkok street style fashion

Black Is The New Black

bangkok street style fashion

While there are many Bangkokians who almost religiously wear black clothing, the important thing about the color black is that it’s a complete must to experiment with different styles and textures to avoid looking just like anyone else.

The key to wearing black well is to accessorize; whether with a funky pop of color choker or a classic gold watch. It’s also essential to mix and match styles. A good way of doing that is to opt for backless or off shoulder pieces as they help accentuate the collarbone area, beat the heat, and are a nice way to amp up the plain black vibe.

Mixing textures is also a good idea: the combination of stretch cotton with leather funky shoes perhaps, or mesh detailing cut-outs on dresses, which provide space to bear some skin while looking edgy. If you’re just wearing all-black, remember to create divisions in the form of belts or different fabrics so it doesn’t look like one elongated piece.

And, of course, every little black dress requires stilettos to top off the night-out vibe. Black is slimming, classic, and elegant; like Audrey Hepburn always said, “every girl needs a little black dress”.

bangkok street style fashion

Where: Anywhere from Above Eleven to Khao San Road Image


What’s your favorite Bangkok street style?



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