Passion For Fashion: Bangkok Street Style

Bangkok is a city not only known for street food and skyscrapers; its diversity in the fashion world is legendary.

Believe it or not, there’s more to the style of this cosmopolitan paradise than just elephant pants and Singha singlets.

It’s a place where the fashion world can meet on neutral ground thanks to the many opportunities to embrace certain styles, whether it’s Saturday morning buys at Chatuchak, knock-off Armani at MBK or high-end names like Alexander Wang from Central Embassy – or sometimes even all three, at the same time.

What Bangkok style has taught me is that it doesn’t matter where you get your style from as long as you carry yourself well: the number one rule of style in Bangkok is to own it.

Regardless of what it is, own it.

Even if you find yourself wandering through Khao San in your elephant pants, if you do so confidently, you’ll instantly be up a notch on the fashion scale.

B(/W)asic Babe

bangkok street style fashion

This look uses two colors and speaks a thousand personalities.

It’s for the people that thrive on looking their classiest at all times, in looks derived straight from an American Apparel advert.

In a place like Bangkok it’s so important to be able to dress up and dress down for all the various occasions and locations the city has for us. By sticking to two solid colors, you make the process of shopping and mix-and-matching easier, along with always looking well put-together for an event, whether it’s Saturday brunch at Chu or a shopping day at Mega Bangna.

All your wardrobe needs for this look is a combination of different textures and fabrics in the two colors you choose for yourself.

bangkok street style fashion

Buy: American Apparel-style pleated skirts at Chatuchak Market, and classic white tees at H&M.

Straight Outta Coachella

 bangkok street style fashion

California meets Bangkok in this look, both places with hot weather, beautiful sunsets, and a very laid-back sense of life. Coachella, a Californian music festival, is well known for its easygoing and edgy approach to fashion.

This look is heavy on layering, mix-and-matching, and figure-accentuating pieces rather than simply over-accessorizing. You should focus on basic pieces with a little added flare; for instance, just adding a kimono to any shorts and tank ensemble instantly makes it look more dressy and well-styled, with its colors and patterns.

A key to successfully achieving this look is to experiment and be daring with tube tops and off-the-shoulder looks. Always remember that less is more, so if you’re baring your shoulders and stomach, cover your legs in order to best balance the outfit.

bangkok street style fashion

Buy: Dangling bracelets and colorful necklaces from Chinatown.

Khun Nai of BKK

bangkok street style fashion

Khun Nai literally translates into ‘Madame’, so this look is all about long skirts, accessories, patterns, and Italian women riding classily on their vespas while eating some gelato.

Perhaps; I may be getting just a little ahead of myself here.

This look is for the Bangkokians that like looking top-notch all the time; I don’t know how you do it, but you do. For the people that dream about Paris Fashion Week all year long.

The combination of floor-length dresses, and bold patterns, cuts and colors give you an elegant brunch-ready look for the whole day. Patterns lend a funky edge and accentuate your figure by adding more length to your frame.

The long maxi-like dresses are incredibly comfortable to lounge in as well as when running errands or heading for a meal.

Daring slits in the dress give a bit of edge to the sophisticated look, while use of discreet and classic accessories like sunglasses, a watch and a bag finish the outfit perfectly.

Where: A lunch day at EmQuartier or a picturesque night at Asiatique.



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