Thailand Will Be The Hottest Country In Southeast Asia This Weekend

As we advance post haste towards the searing heat of April, Thailand is gearing up for some seriously hot weather in the next few days.

An unusually hot weather front – the hottest in 50 years – is expected to hit the country from Thursday to Saturday this week, as it advances from the Pacific Ocean, reports the Bangkok PostThailand could be the hottest country in Southeast Asia for the next few days as a result, said said Jiraphol Sinthunava, a lecturer at the Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University.

It’s not known yet the exact expected temperatures the Kingdom is expected to deal with although a severe heatwave is possible. A severe heatwave is classified as temperatures above 42°C for over 24 hours together with humidity levels of 70 percent plus.

Warnings have already been issued by climate experts, with Wanchai Sakudomchai, director general of the Thai Meteorological Department commenting that it’s likely to be one of Thailand’s hottest summers yet.

Upper Thailand is expected to bear the brunt of the hot weather over the next week while the rest of the country may experience the first real rains of the year as humidity is carried over from the South China Sea.

Children, the elderly and anyone with pre-existing health conditions are warned that they are most at risk of suffering from heat-related ailments and health hazards. Remember to stay out of the sun as much as possible, keep hydrated and wear sunscreen.


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