Thais Spend An Average 160 Minutes On Their Smartphones Every Day

Smartphone users in Thailand are somewhat prolific.

They spend an average of 160 minutes and 503 data megabytes per day on their device, as well as installing 9.1 apps every month, according to the Thailand Smartphone User Persona Report 2015 from Vserv.

The report is based on the collection of automated usage data over 3 months from over 565 opt-in smartphone users in Thailand.

Thailand is one of the leading countries in smartphone adoption, with the user base expected to reach 25 million by 2017, from a modest 14.4 million in 2013.

The majority of users are under 30 years old so mobile marketers should seek to target this younger, smarter demographic when strategising their campaigns, advises Vserve.

Six smartphone user personas were identified from the Thailand sample:

Social Stars

Social Stars accounted for 20 percent of the sample and tended to focus their time on social networking and chat apps, like Facebook and Line.


Dabblers accounted for another 20 percent and demonstrated the lowest levels of time spent on their device at an average of 122 minutes per day. Their most used apps were Line, media players and browsers.

Power Users

Power Users, on the other hand, are so named for spending the most amount of time on their smartphones – an average of 208 minutes per day. They account for 17 percent of the sample and prefer apps like Line, Clash of Clans and YouTube.


The Conversationalists are a more traditional category of phone user, spending most of their time making calls. They account for 17 percent of smartphone users in Thailand, and like the call function, Line and Facebook.

Data Guzzlers

Data Guzzlers – 13 percent of the sample – represent the new breed of smartphone users, ploughing through data usage on gaming apps and social networking. Their preferred apps include YouTube, Facebook and Line Let’s Get Rich.


Explorers are a more diversified style of user, spending their time browsing, shopping and searching online. They account for 13 percent of the sample and prefer the browser, Lazada and Facebook apps.

Which smartphone persona are you?


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