The Dogs Of Thailand: Patiently Queuing Retrievers and A Lab On A Scooter

When we think about Thailand’s dog population, the first thing that comes to mind is either a horde of ankle-biting Chihuahuas or your local neighbourhood contingency of soi dogs.

Well-behaved? Not exactly.

Pulling up their socks and improving the reputation of Thai dogs around the world however, are a group of Golden Retrievers and a beautiful Labrador, proving that you don’t need to be a scrappy fiend to be man’s best friend.

These videos are a particular must-watch if, like us, you’re feeling aggrieved at the recent news story of a dog being thrown to its death after pooing in someone’s apartment.


Lab rides on the back of a scooter while carrying owner’s umbrella

This instant classic shows the Lab sat upright with his paws atop the rider’s shoulders, carrying a hooked umbrella in his mouth.

Y’know; in case of a light downpour.

While we would usually bemoan the totally disregard for safety seen here on behalf of the scooter rider, frankly it’s a welcome change to seeing a whole family plus newborn baby chancing their luck down the freeway on something similar.

Retrievers queue patiently for a paw-cleaning session

Demonstrating a level of patience and composure that we’re yet to see in the What’s On Sukhumvit pups in residence, this group of four, beautifully shaggy, Golden Retrievers line up one behind the other in order to engage in a thorough paw cleaning from their attentive owner.

There’s no jumping the queue or wandering off out of boredom; their owner could probably teach a few of Thailand’s school teachers a thing or two…

Featured image is via Calgary Is Awesome



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