The ‘Uber For Photographers’ Is Live In Bangkok

Have you ever had a moment when you’re having a great time with your friends and family, but you realise all too late that there’s no professional photographer on hand to capture all that fun you’re having?

No, us neither.

But apparently, some people have.

And for those people – Pinpic is here.

Described as the Uber for professional photographers, Pinpic is an app that allows you to book a local photographer on demand to capture those special moments – whether it’s an anniversary dinner, birthday party, vacation or insert-special-occasion-here.

The app allows you to search for photographers and filter your results based on prices and ratings, with all payments transacted online.

After an initial launch in various cities all over the world, photo-crazy Bangkok was one of the first to show promise. Pinpic is now live in both Bangkok and Singapore, with 14 photographers between them and another 16 in the works.

Prices are currently quite static, although are expected to show more variation once the marketplace grows. Tech In Asia report that a vacation shoot session in the Thai capital starts from US$100, and US$50 in Singapore.

“Unlike photo agencies that dominate this market, which are unreasonably expensive -starting at $250 for 30 minutes, typically – and take a 40 percent cut from the photographer, Pinpic lets photographers choose and adjust their pricing strategy and take home the entire sum,” says co-founder, Urooj Qureshi.

Pinpic is hoping to become the primary platform for freelance photographers; currently taking no fees from its photographers and allowing them to set their own prices.

The startup launched a Kickstarter campaign back in February of this year, hoping to raise CAD$27,000 within 5 weeks. Unfortunately the campaign failed to reach that financial goal, raising just CAD$1,694.

The founders have pushed ahead with their plans anyway with the recent launches in Bangkok and Singapore.

“We’ve been monitoring adoption rates in cities around the world since we launched alpha in February. Singapore and Bangkok demonstrated healthy growth from the get-go,” explained Qureshi.


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