This Monitor Lizard Thinks He’s A Tesco Lotus Security Guard

In the latest edition of ‘Reptiles In Strange Places’, comes a video from a Thai Tesco Lotus where a monitor lizard can be seen chilling out at the entrance, possibly taking in some relief from the air-con.

Placed squarely between the automatic doors, a little inside the store, the reptile looks like a low-slung, scaly security guard, ready to challenge shoppers at the earliest opportunity.

Would-be shoppers heading in for a late evening grocery haul are stopped in their tracks by the sight of this large reptile, and beat a hasty retreat.

He’s later ushered out by a few volunteers with the help of a few trusty discount signs, but it’s clear that he’s not happy about being usurped from his position.

Beating his powerful tail and looking, it would be fair to say, pretty pissed off, he finds himself relegated to the car park to (presumably) plot his revenge.

The video was posted by user ‎อีฟ อีฟซี่ สายเมา to YouLike, and although she doesn’t specify the location of the Tesco, we can see that the video was uploaded in Ban Khlong Nung in Pathum Thani province.

While monitor lizards generally won’t attack humans, they will defend themselves if they feel threatened. They have a powerful bite, and can even inject venom, which is likely to make you sick.

Let’s hope this Tesco lizard doesn’t recruit more of his brethren for a future uprising: Dawn of the Planet of the Monitor Lizards.


Featured image is a screenshot from the Facebook video





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