This New Tool Shows You The Poses Behind Bangkok’s Top Selfies

We all know how Bangkokians are obsessed with taking selfies.

Whether it’s over a romantic dinner, around the pool while on holiday or even just perched on the back of a screeching motorbike taxi on their morning commute, they’re forever snapping and searching for that perfect angle.

A new tool from the team behind SelfieCity – an Instagram analytics team investigating the methodology of self-portrait photography – allows us to compare and contrast how people take selfies in five cities: Bangkok, Berlin, Moscow, New York and Sao Paulo.

How does it work?

The interactive dashboard application is called Selfiexploratory and contains data on the top 640 selfies from each city.

Users can compare features like age, poses, mood, head tilts, and gender; data which has been gathered by Artificial Intelligence analysis using Orbeus ReKognition API as well as human tracking.

bangkok selfies

Selfiexploratory in action

So, what’s Bangkok doing?

55 percent of the top selfies in our city were taken by women, according to The Next Web – suggesting that Thai men are almost equally inclined towards a posing session as their female counterparts. This is striking in comparison to Moscow, for example, where 80 percent of the top selfies were taken by women.

While most Bangkok selfie takers appear to be around 20 years old, the majority of people who are still taking selfies over age 30 are actually men.

The favoured pose in Bangkok is with the head tilted slightly upwards and to the left. Our eyes are open and mouth closed (Ed: going for the classic duck pose?) while our mood tends towards happy.

What’s your best angle for a selfie?


Featured image is by davidmulder61 and used under a Creative Commons licence



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