Watch This Thai Driver Learn Why Aggression Doesn’t Pay On The Highway…

We’ve all been there.

Merrily driving along the highway towards our destination when a stubborn-minded minivan encroaches on our precious lane space and cuts us up.

Pretty annoying.

For one driver in a hurry though, this all proved a little too much and he ramped up the road rage in response, only for it to end in inevitable disaster.

Filmed from another driver’s dash cam footage, we can see a speeding sedan cut up by the bully-boy minivan. So far, so normal.

The sedan then attempts to overtake the minivan several times and, at one point, undertakes him across two lanes in a bid to get around the road-hog.

Unfortunately for the sedan, he is driving so fast at this point that he careers out of control, smashing into the safety barrier and bouncing off across the highway, surrendering a flailing wheel in the process.

Take a look…

The minivan, arbiter of the chaos, simply recovers and continues down the highway as planned, presumably intending for a few more close-call cut-ups along the way.

As for the sedan, he’s probably going to want to get those panels looked at. And a new tyre strapped on.

Remember – road rage never pays, folks!



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