What To Buy For Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day

Men: It’s Time.

Time for romance.

Time to reach down deep into your pockets, and show your girlfriend/fiancée/wife just how much you love* them.

*For the purpose of Valentine’s Day, love will be measured in bahts.

Whether she wants a diamond ring or a cute mixtape, buying your girl something personal, sweet and well thought-out is sure to earn you a truckload of brownie points. Brownie points that – let’s face it – you’re going to need to cash in on at some point.

When it comes to buying gifts for your love, “it’s the thought that counts” wins out every time. Don’t go out to spend as much money as possible; just go out to buy the best gift that will mean the most to her.

For a bit of inspiration, we’ve compiled the below Valentine’s Gift Guide that should give you some ideas on what might tickle the pickle of your leading lady.

Because she’s worth it…

valentine's day gift guide

  1. Syphon Coffee Maker: For The Coffee Connoisseur

This stylish and quirky-looking coffee maker delivers fresh java with all the intensity but none of the bitterness of that from a french press. It doesn’t require any gas or electricity as it generates heat from its lamp and bulb, in a throwback to classic Japanese design.

  1. Prada Saffiano Leather Wallet: For The Hi-So

This peony pink purse is the perfect gift for your resident fashionista with its supreme material quality, enviable design heritage and generous size.

  1. Fang Fang Lady Lace Crochet Cover Up: For The Travel Blogger

The girl that spends her days drifting from beach to beach, typing on her MacBook and sipping on a fresh coconut will be all over this cute crochet cover-up (in between some wakeboarding sessions, of course).

  1. Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H2 Headphones: For The Musician

Beautiful design, superior sound and a comfortable headband will ensure that these headphones will be the darling of any music appreciator. They’re very lightweight and finished with lambskin on the cushions while easy to use with an inline remote and microphone.

  1. Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner: For The Natural Beauty Buff

Beauty divas will love this rose-scented toner: it’s free of alcohol, parabens and propylene glycol but still fully cleanses and moisturises your face. It’s also packed with aloe vera, Vitamin E and undistilled witch hazel.

  1. Chinese Calligraphy Set: For The Artiste

This luxury calligraphy ink set has ten pieces and is set in a beautiful silk box that is sure to be treasured by your arty companion.

  1. Sporty Pet Stroller: For The Dog Lover

For the woman who lavishes more attention on her pomeranians than her paramour, this Ibiyaya stroller is the ideal accessory. Seen most commonly in puppy hangouts like K-Village, these strollers are not only cute but also a super convenient way to parade your pups around Bangkok.

  1. Goldfish Earrings: For The Kook

These quirky rhinestone studs are a great, fun gift for the girl that likes to make people do a double take when they catch sight of her accessories. For just ฿64, what could go wrong?

Check out our Men’s Edition Gift Guide here.


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