You Can Now Tour Historic Thailand Using Google Maps

Google have added over 150 cultural and historic Thailand sites to their StreetView image collection, allowing users to explore these unique locations in 360° and then plan their trips to them accordingly.

From beaches to countryside to inner city Bangkok (we see you, MBK!), the breadth of cultural attractions added is impressive: they’ve even got a number of plantations on there!

Added to StreetView as ‘Thailand Highlights’, the locations added include Sukhothai Historical Park, Chiang Mai Zoo, Kwai river bridge, Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, Phang Nga Bay, Lumpini Park, The Grand Palace, Ancient City Siam and many more.

You can view all these locations inside the Google Maps web application, as well as going in through StreetView, which is downloadable for iOS and Android.

Although this development will undoubtedly prove useful for people already living in Thailand who want to explore more of what’s beyond the Sukhumvit Road, it’s also a great tool to attract quality tourists from around the world – i.e. cultural tourists, who are more likely to stay longer and spend more money in Thailand than other such visitors.

google streetview explore historic thailand

A screenshot of us exploring Khob Dong Village in Doi Angkhang

These virtual tours allows you to test out how much there actually is at an attraction and if there’s anything that piques your interest enough to actually go and explore in person. They may even help you decide between attractions if you’re finding it hard to decide what to do this weekend.

The natural beauty and historic culture on offer in Thailand is huge and deserves more attention than it currently has. Hopefully this development will inspire more locals, expats and tourists to explore and discover more.


Will you be exploring Thailand via virtual reality?



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