17 Bangkok Desserts That You Definitely Shouldn’t Eat If You’re Avoiding Sugar

It’s a well-known fact that Thais love their sweet, sugary desserts.

Whether that’s the cloying natural sweetness of coconut milk or the added pack of sugar that for some reason accompanies every street purchase of fruit – sweet is definitely the in-thing.

But it’s not just the traditional desserts made on the streets that are cranking up the diabetes level; the city’s smattering of international restaurants and dessert parlours are getting in on the action too as they try to cater to Bangkokians’ thirst for everything sugar.

Here are some of the most decadent, Instagram-worthy desserts we could find: strictly a no-go area for those eating clean on a sugar-free diet!

Dreamy Buzzle Frappe at Creamy Buzzle

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The Belgian Chocolate Noissette at Cream & Fudge Factory

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Hot Chocolate and Salted Caramel ‘Cup’ Cake at Cream Studio

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The Katherine Hepburn Brownie at Iwane goes Nature

Souffle Roll With Ice Cream at Bella Rocca

Banana, Almond, Coconut And Caramel at Sra Bua

Milo Volcano Kakigori at After You

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Ferrero Shibuya Honey Toast at After You

After You Dessert Cafe Mega Bangna ,BKK Price : $$ Rating : 3.8/5

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Deep Fried Milk Stick at Kloset Cafe

Volcano at Brownn Chocolate Dessert

Egglette Tower at Once Cafe

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Chocolate Waffle Tower at Brownn Dessert Cafe

Sweet tower at Once Cafe

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Japanese-style shaved ice at Matcha Ten

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Inferno Mountain at Mocking Tales

Gloopy cupcake goodness at Bitterman Restaurant

Mocha Assiete at The Coffee Club

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