7 Of The Most Beautifully Designed Thonglor Bars

The bars of Thonglor are well known for their incredible design.

Out of all Bangkok’s watering holes, Thonglor is the place to be for hipster vibes and intricate decoration, drawing in the tastemakers of the city’s local, expat and tourist population.

Whether you fancy supping on a cocktail or chugging down a craft beer, clinking champagne flutes or swilling single malt; whatever your poison, you’re sure to find a beautiful spot to imbibe in the Thonglor bar scene.

We’re talking about dark and moody colour palettes, trendy steampunk design details, speakeasys, rooftops and other such establishments.

Dive bars, these ain’t. Soulless hotel enclaves? Hell no.

Thonglor bars are a place for uninhibited celebration. Nothing more, nothing less.

Let’s take it away…

The most beautiful Thonglor bars

1. Rabbit Hole

125 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (no sign on the door!)

best thonglor bars

In classic Thonglor bar style, Rabbit Hole is a speakeasy with the long, galley-like bar, darkly dangerous interiors and cracking drinks selection that have long proven popular in this neighbourhood. Flashes of colour ensure that Rabbit Hole stands out from the similar steampunk establishments along the Sukhumvit 55 strip.

Craft cocktails are the name of the game here, carefully prepped and artfully presented by the famous mixologists behind the bar. There’s plenty of seating and a fun, buzzing ambience: the atmosphere complementing the gorgeous interiors.

Drink recommendation? It’s gotta be the Peach Old Fashioned, smoked with cardamom, cinnamon and sweet peppers.

2. Bon Bon

Seenspace, Thonglor 13

best thonglor bars

Bon Bon is a relatively new player in the Thonglor bar scene but is already causing quite a splash among those in the know. Again, the interiors are darkly charming but the playful added extras at Bon Bon all combine to ensure that this establishment stands out.

There’s a basement ice bar, regular live music and a ladies’ night with a twist: as well as the usual drinks deals, you can get involved in an art class, complete with professional art teacher and live male model. Who will be posing in a cage. Because… well, why not?

Drinks are plentiful, as well as food, and there’s a handful of interesting vodka infusions to try in the ice bar.


72 Courtyard, Thonglor

best thonglor bars

The original UNCLE on Sathorn 12 is one of Bangkok’s favourite cocktail bars and their latest outpost in the 72 Courtyard Complex is proving just as popular as the mothership. Here, it’s all sleek marble, funky geometric shapes and a few crazy patterns thrown in for added measure for a fun yet sophisticated atmosphere.

It’s easy to underestimate the quality of the drinks as UNCLE as they’re reasonably cheap in comparison to other offerings among the bars in Thonglor, but the verdicts are that these ‘classics with a twist’ are some of the best to be found on the scene. Check out some of their home-infused spirits as well.

4. Octave

2 Sukhumvit Soi 57

best thonglor bars

Spanning the 45th to the 49th floors of the Bangkok Marriott Hotel, Octave is truly the Big Daddy of Thonglor bars. With 360° panoramas of the city, it offers one of the best views from a rooftop bar in the whole of Bangkok. The views are so impressive, and the atmosphere so buzzing, that little else is really needed as far as decoration goes. Understated wooden seating, a centralised spherical bar and chic DJ booth ensure that nothing distracts you from those insane views.

You can drink a wide variety of cocktails, wine and beer at Octave, but if you’re anything like us – ahem, celebration enthusiasts – you’ll be going the whole hog with a bottle of champagne.

5. Iron Fairies

402 Sukhumvit Soi 55

best thonglor bars

When Iron Fairies opened a few years ago, the beautiful interior design of the new establishment proved the trigger for the eclectic and ethereal style seen in many Thonglor bars opened since. Designed by Ashley Sutton, a Bangkok legend with Fat Gut’z, Maggie Choo’s, Sing Sing Theater, Bangkok Betty and more in his portfolio, Iron Fairies is decidedly magical. We’re talking influences from the spheres of steampunk, Harry Potter, Hans Christian Anderson and general feats of the designer’s imagination. Truly a wonder to behold.

While you’re come for the interiors, you’ll stay for the great experiences to be had here. As well as a solid cocktail list, there’s regular live music and an always-thrumming atmosphere.

6. Shades Of Retro

808/12 Soi Tararom 2, Sukhumvit Soi 55

best thonglor bars

Depending on your sensibilities, Shades of Retro is either an eclectic palace stuffed to the brim with eccentric oddities, or it’s the pinnacle of hipsterdom and, frankly, just a tad gauche. There’s no doubting, however, that it’s totally unique. It’s a cosy spot and there’s always something that will catch your eye in here. Added to that some brilliant jazz music, delicious burgers and delectable drinks, and you’ve got yourself a great time.

While we’re pretty sure that Shades of Retro is first and foremost a bar, it’s also a semi-vintage shop too, and you’re welcome to buy some of the unusual furniture on offer.

7. Black Amber Thonglor Social Club

Thonglor Soi 6

best thonglor bars

Black Amber started life as a barbershop – which is still running successfully – but has now expanded to include a so-called ‘social club’, otherwise known as a gentleman’s whisky bar. Much like the original barbers, Black Amber is inherently stylish and the absolute definition of a sophisticated man cave.

Leather furniture complements rich mahoganies, dark wood, and boudoir-style ornamentation, while soft lighting and a well-stocked bar ensures that Black Amber is a perfect networking venue for like-minded individuals. Why not pop in after a grooming session?


Where do you think is the most beautiful Thonglor bar?

Featured image is by Rabbit Hole via Facebook



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