Broccoli Revolution

TL;DR Tasty vegan lunch on the fly

In the meat-loving nation that is Thailand, vegetarian and vegan restaurants are pretty thin on the ground.

I had a vegan friend to stay recently; suffice to say that she ate a lot of mixed vegetables (hold the oyster sauce).

For the daredevils that hit the restaurant up after 5pm, there’s even a selection of wine and beer available.

And they say vegans have no fun…

Broccoli Revolution has rolled into town with a mission to transform the veggie dining scene. They’ve got a extensive international menu and a fresh juice and smoothie bar.Broccoli Revolution

Sitting on the corner of Sukhumvit and Soi 49, Broccoli Revolution is very white, light and airy with a high ceiling and exposed warehouse beams.

There’s also plenty of green: huge hanging baskets descend from the ceiling and tall vases stuffed with orchids adorn the larger tables.

Broccoli Revolution

One of the best things about Broccoli Revolution – and one of the aspects other Bangkok lunch establishments could do with implementing – is the lack of service. You order and pay at the counter as you walk in and simply walk out when you’re done.

Easy peasy.

It’s a comfortable, non-pretentious atmosphere – perfect for lunch or a casual bite later in the day.

The food is good – again, better suited to lunch than a fancy dinner.

Quality ingredients underscore fresh and light cooking with simple flavours.

Broccoli Revolution

I opted for tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa as an appetiser – pretty standard fare, sure, but deliciously moreish. The guac was incredibly smooth and creamy, peppered with chilli, coriander and lime while the salsa was stuffed with chunky tomato and onion. Super tasty – rivalled the chips n’ dips offerings from many local Mexican restaurants in the area.

For the main course (this was a pretty big lunch) the Vietnamese pho delivered. The ingredients were really the main event here – beefy shiitake mushrooms, button mushrooms, baby sweetcorns, salad onions and al dente carrots complemented by a light broth and noodles.

Broccoli Revolution

My only minor complaint – chopsticks would have been better than the usual spoon and fork here. I don’t want to paint too much of a picture but I exited with a face lightly speckled with broth.

Feeling pretty sated at this point (and covered in broth), I left before deciding on pudding but got a fresh juice to take away instead.

Broccoli Revolution

There’s a huge selection of juices and smoothies available, ranging from 100 to 180 baht for a generous cup size. I went for the watermelon, lime and mint – just missing a dash of rum for a fresh and light mojito!

Broccoli Revolution’s motto is “vegetables will change your life”. Not sure about that, but you can certainly whip up an excellent lunch out of them.



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