Celebrating Songkran In Thailand: The Instagram Edition

Today marks the second day of Thailand’s Songkran festival and the Thai New Year.

Songkran – much like Christmas in the West – is one of those ‘love it or hate it’ festivals. The marmite of the festival calendar, if you will.

As social media lights up with waterlogged tourists and locals brandishing their water guns with their faces daubed in white powder, there are other Thailand residents holed up in their apartments with four days worth of food and drink, to keep them going until they next step outside at the conclusion of the festivities.

Whatever tickles your pickle, we say.

Regardless of your Songkran sensibilities, we think you’ll enjoy this selection of Songkran photos and videos forever immortalised in Instagram.

Without further ado…

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#SONGKRAN you win!!! #thainewyear #bangkok #silom #songkran2016

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Songkran festival #kohlanta #songkran #2559 #waterfestival

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New year celebrated with water fight #watergun #songkran2016 #bangkok #thailand

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Day 1 down, 2 to go. Eat sleep rave repeat! #songkran #s2ofestival #s2o #s2ofestival2016 #rave #bangkok

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