J Avenue: Photo Diary

J Avenue is Bangkok’s original lifestyle mall.

What’s a lifestyle mall, I hear you say?

Truth be told, we’re not entirely sure. At a guess, it would be comprised of a handful of restaurants and specialist fashion stores, located semi-outdoors with patches of grass, and a whole lot smaller than the shopping mall behemoths of EmQuartier, Paragon and the like.

J Avenue

And, of course – there’ll be a smattering of HiSo Thais and yummy mummy expats sipping on their lattés and not paying enough attention to their Pomeranians and Chihuahuas.

Or something like that.

j avenue sweet monster

Anyway, J Avenue is very much the pioneer of lifestyle malls in our capital and has inspired similar efforts such as K-Village, A-Square and Park Lane.

j avenue, mousses and meringues

It’s a popular little enclave sat on Thonglor Soi 15, with a further smattering of eateries to be found over the road next to Thonglor 13. The big guns pulling in the punters seem to be Greyhound, iBerry, Au Bon Pain, After You and the impressively sized Villa Market.

j avenue, greyhound

Aside from the international selection, there’s also a good handful of Japanese restaurants – this is Thonglor, after all – or, if you’re feeling slightly naughtier, a McDonalds.

j avenue ramen

There’s also a number of boutique fashion pitstops, a Mothercare and Early Learning Centre, and a host of spas, nail salons and the aesthetic clinics that are de rigeur in these parts.

l'occitane j avenue

As with any good lifestyle mall, part of the charm lies in what’s going on outside. J-Avenue have chosen to go down the fashion market route with a number of pop-up stalls selling cute outfits and accessories. Think Siam Center rather than MBK!

j avenue market

For those that frequent Thonglor, J-Avenue is a place to see and be seen – good food, good fashion and a laid back atmosphere.

What more could you want from a lifestyle mall?

j avenue after you


First Floor

Villa Market, Mothercare, Boots, Marsara, iBeat, Oakley Element 72, Paris Miki, L’Occitane, Krungsri, Greyhound Cafe, SCB, McDonalds, Au Bon Pain, iBerry, Brandname Society, Mousses & Meringues, Gardenia

Second Floor

Nanohana Osaka Cuisine, Maisen, Kan-teki-ya, Ootoya, Daiso, Kyushu Jangara

Third Floor

Bam-Boo Hair Studio, Dan Sha Ku Barber, Take Care Nail Spa, Six Stars Travel, Detox, Puntip Clinic, KPN Music Academy, Netanart Clinic

Fourth Floor

WE Fitness, Enchanted

Thonglor 13 Wing

After You, Sab Bar, Zoul Viet, Yabaton, Yuu BBQ, Yuu Shabu














Have you been to J Avenue?



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