The 8 Best Theme Parks In Thailand

We know, we know — you didn’t come to Thailand to just hang out at an amusement park.

But if you’re looking for a break from the temples and beaches, and fancy an adrenaline-loaded day out with the kids, it’s hard to go wrong with the theme parks in Thailand.

Regardless of whether you’re a youngster or an adult, there are some epic Thailand theme parks to choose from.

Plus, the host of water parks in Thailand cater well to the wet n’ wild brigade if that’s your fancy too.

Here are the highlights…

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Best Theme Parks in Thailand

Dream World

Out in Bangkok’s Thanyaburi district, you’ll find Dream World — a popular theme park and water park with a host of rides suitable for young children all the way up to adults.

While the majority of the rides are aimed at younger kids, adults can still find fun on the various water rides and thrilling roller coasters in the park’s different zones.

Some of the more adventurous rides include Black Mountain, Viking Ship, Tornado, Sky Coaster and Hurricane.

Alternatively, you can relax in the nature-themed Dream Garden where you’ll discover a lake and water tricycles for a more tranquil experience.

If you decide to go to the park garden at the weekend, then you’ll get the chance to see The Colors of the World parade.

Dream World’s cable car will take you to new heights and enable you to get a bird’s eye view of every ride on offer. The very cold Snow Town is also well worth a visit, but just remember to take a jacket! Before you head home, catch a live show or the 4D adventure to top off your day of action-packed fun.

You can grab a bite to eat too at the many buffets and fast food outlets onsite.

Siam Park City

Siam City Park is another amusement and water park combined in one, located out in the wilds of Bangkok suburbia in Kannayao.

It’s a very affordable option for the whole family and still remains a reasonably popular theme park in the area for Thais and foreigners alike. With over 40 games and rides for both children and adults, there’s also plenty to do to keep your group amused.

As well as a water park with the world’s biggest wave pool and some pretty impressive slides, you can explore the ominously named X-Zone and discover some more extreme rides. From the five loop Vortex to the Boomerang roller coaster, there’s plenty going on at Siam Park City — providing all the rides are actually open.

Siam Park City was opened back in 1980 and the park’s age is certainly starting to show. Rides are routinely closed for maintenance and there’s a general shabby feel to the place. Having said that, tickets are cheap and queues usually short.

There’s also Fantasy World and Family World with various attractions including Africa Adventure, Dinotopia, Grand Canyon Express and Log Flume, all suitable for adults and kids. There are countless stalls and kiosks that sell drinks, snacks and ice cream. However, you can also enjoy a relaxing bite to eat or buffet lunch in several of the onsite restaurants.

Safari World

Although technically a zoo and leisure park, the rides available at Safari World make this one of the most popular Thailand ‘theme’ parks.

It’s located far out in Northern Bangkok, even past Siam Park City.

One of the best things about going here is the fact that you get a close-up view of wild animals from Africa and Asia. We’re talking lions, rhinos, bears, tigers, zebras, giraffes and tropical birds, meaning you can always snap some amazing photos.

It’s actually an open zoo where the animals can roam free like they would in their natural habitat. But don’t worry: you’ll be kept safe in your car or tour bus.

The marine park area at Safari World also offers you several animal shows, a reptile area and some small museums. There’s Mini World and its aviary with lots of different species of birds. When you feed the birds, you’ll soon find dozens of tiny feet and beaks on your shoulders, arms and hands.

Remember to jump on the Jungle Cruise flume ride if you want a little more adventure!

Best Water Parks in Thailand

Black Mountain

water parks in thailand

Water parks don’t come more fun and entertaining than the wonderful Black Mountain. Situated just 15 minutes away from the center of Hua Hin, you can happily waste a whole day exploring their attractions set over 40,000 square meters of land.

The park features 9 thrilling slides including a 16 metre high and 76 metre long tunnel that shoots you through banked curves and into a huge pool.

If you need somewhere to relax after playing slide and splash, you can take a relaxing ride along the Meandering River. It offers you a tranquil space to dip and lounge before your next waterslide adventure.

Black Mountain also has a beach, children’s pool and infinity pool, giving the whole family some much needed time-out between slides.

When your stomach starts to grumble, you can head to the park’s restaurant facility for a spot of Thai or European cuisine. The park is also dotted with various ice cream and snack kiosks, as well as a very cool pool bar.

If you want a keepsake from your day out, the Water Park Pro Shop is bursting with plenty of swimwear and questionable souvenirs.

Vana Nava

thailand amusement park

Just 5 minutes away from Hua Hin city center, you can find one of the biggest and best water parks in Thailand.

Vana Nava is proud to be Asia’s first water jungle with over 200,000 living species in and around its 3.2 hectares property.

You’ll also find the largest waterslide in the country capable of shooting out up to 6 people from a height of 28 meters and at speeds of over 45 km per hour.


Along with 19 thrilling rides and slides, this magnificent resort boasts the tallest manmade mountain with a waterfall in Asia. All the pools have LED lighting and there’s even a massage pavilion for anyone who needs a little time out and a bit of pampering. Depending on when you visit, you can also enjoy lots of day and night entertainment, as well as year-round events.

When hunger strikes, simply head on over to The Grove cafeteria for fresh local and international bites.

Also, don’t forget to check out the many retail outlets in the park before you return to your wet and wild fun. From toys and games to souvenirs and leading swimwear brands, you can find it all and more at Vana Nara.

Santorini Water Fantasy

theme parks in thailand

As the first and only digital controlled water play area in the whole of Asia, Santorini Water Fantasy is the most advanced water park in Thailand.

Located at the back of Santorini Park and at the side of Petchkasem Road in Cha Am, it offers fantastic thrills for all age groups. In fact, the park features some amusements that are rated among the top 3 in the world.

If you love surfing, the innovative Stingray Curved Surf machine allows you to practice and develop your surfing talent.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a wet hamster? Try the giant Hamster’s Wheel and splash your way through your exercise.

There are also plenty of single rider, two rider and four rider slides and attractions, as well as the child-friendly Kid’s Paradise.

In addition to exploring all the water park fun, you can enjoy Santorini Connects for an added fee. Santorini Connects is a wristband that gives you access to Facebook to enable you to upload pictures of your experience on five of the amusement attractions.

Cartoon Network Amazone

water parks in thailand

If you think that Cartoon Network Amazone is just for kids, then you’re so wrong. Don’t let the name of this Thailand amusement park fool you, as it provides a fabulous day out for grown-ups too.

The waterpark is only a 20-minute drive south of Pattaya and has only been open since 2014 so it’s relatively new on the scene.

From Alien Attack and Banana Spin to Intergalactic Racers and Goop Loop, there are 150 thrill-seeking water attractions to discover. The park also boasts a star-studded array of all your favorite Cartoon Network characters at the world’s largest aqua playground, Cartoonival.

You also have the option to check out the 10 very impressive entertainment zones situated around the park.

But that’s not all. Dining is equally as exciting as the rides, especially when you eat at Foodville and Toonalicious. It’s the world’s first ever Cartoon Network-themed rooftop restaurant that hosts live shows and digital light displays in the evening.

Fantasia Lagoon

If you’re looking for a water park for younger kids that’s cheap and usually devoid of tourists, then Fantasia Lagoon is the place to go.

Situated on the fourth floor at The Mall Bang Kae just outside of central Bangkok, it can only be described as a hidden gem. Even though the water slides aren’t suitable for adults, you can watch your little ones from a large and very refreshing pool.

There’s also plenty of shady areas for you to sit back and enjoy a break from the sun. As for the kids, they can have the time of their life on 2 big slides, smaller tube rides and in the full-sized pool. The splash zone is a nice touch, and an area where you can goof around to your hearts content.

When it comes to food, you can either bring your own or use the food stalls located around the park. That said, you will be on top of a mall, which means there’ll be plenty of food options on various other levels.

What’s your favorite Thailand amusement park?



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