Where To Find The Best Burger In Bangkok

The debate rages on about where to find the best burger in Bangkok.

From food trucks to high-end restaurants, from Lad Phrao to Bang Na, there are probably hundreds of contenders for this most coveted title.

What makes a great burger?

For us, it’s all about that meat patty. Rich, full flavoured and properly seasoned beef, expertly seared to perfection. Then the bun — it’s got to be fresh that day, and hitting that sweet spot between toasted on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Any extras — whether that’s sauces, cheese, bacon, salads or, god forbid, foie gras — are entirely up to your personal preferences. Our only ask is that they reach the same high quality standard as the beef and bun.

So, where to find such a model of perfection in the City of Angels. Which is Bangkok’s best burger?

Here are our top picks…

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Bad Burger

  • Between Sukhumvit Soi 18 and 20
  • BTS Phrom Phong

A relative newcomer to the Bangkok burger scene, Bad Burger is headed up by Poupee Paethanom and is, without a doubt, one of our favourite burgers in the city right now (and that’s not just because it’s our local).

There’s plenty on the menu without it being too overwhelming: from The Basic Bit** (249 baht) to the monster The Big Boss (399 baht). Our favourite has to be The Sidekick: chargrilled Australian beef, Gruyere cheese, bacon, caramelised onion, tomato and lettuce.

The meat is incredibly flavourful without being over spiced and the buns fresh and tasty. The quality of the meat is always at centre stage. As far as sides go, we’ve got a soft spot for the juicy onion rings.

Plus, you just get a good feeling from Bad Burger. All their prices are net, and they currently have a banner on Sukhumvit advertising their entrance that reads, “We make you fat and take your money”.  Honesty is always the best policy.

Daniel Thaiger

  • Food truck, most often found at Sukhumvit Soi 30/1 (check Facebook for updates)
  • BTS Thonglor

Daniel Thaiger is one of the biggest names in the Bangkok burger business and has branched out in recent years from his original food truck. The Thaiger empire now includes a permanent stall next to Brew on Soi 11 and the Crying Thaiger restaurant on Soi 51.

Our vote is still with the original food truck, however — at least for just burgers. Not only are prices cheaper, but we think the quality has the resounding edge here.

Thaiger burgers are famous for their delicious meat patties, lightly toasted and slightly sweet brioche buns and a crack burger sauce. Aside from the original Thaiger burger, they offer variations like the Cowboy, Mr Steve, and even lamb and pork burgers too. Every so often, they’ll preview one with particularly highfalutin ingredients — the foie gras was particularly memorable.

25 Degrees

  • Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, 188 Silom Road
  • BTS Chong Nonsi

If you’re looking for a slightly more gourmet style burger, it’s hard to go wrong with 25 Degrees at the Pullman on Silom. Before you write it off as just an overpriced hotel burger, it’s worth staying around to read all the reviews proclaiming it to be the best burger they’ve ever eaten.

The meat is imported and of ‘melt in your mouth’ quality, while there is a huge number of ways to personalise the burgers and sides to your tastes.

As you’d expect from a hotel like the Pullman, service is exceptional and the atmosphere fun and buzzy. One of our favourite features? It’s open 24 hours a day.


  • K-Village, Sukhumvit Soi 26
  • BTS Phrom Phong

Another relative newcomer is the much hyped Roots in K-Village. Again, the main focus here is on quality of ingredients, from the Australian Black Angus chuck patty, freshly baked buns and homemade ‘killer’ sauce.

We love that you can add bacon, mushrooms, rocket, onions and tomatoes, and their sides are pretty awesome too: waffle fries and onion rings, anyone?

The Turkish chefs roll and mince the beef chuck themselves before chargrilling it fresh on the BBQ in their outdoor garden.

As well as excellent food, they have a regular roster of live music events and are in very near vicinity to the children’s playground at K-Village to boot — great if you’re bringing the kids for Sunday lunch.


  • Narathiwas Soi 20, EmQuartier,  251/2 Sukhumvit Soi 55
  • BTS Phrom Phong (for EmQuartier branch), BTS Thonglor (for Soi 55 branch)

If you want good meat — think dry aged — at a great price, then Arno’s should be on your Bangkok burger bucket list.

While it may not sport the most refined flavours on this list, there’s no doubt that it offers cracking value for money, and is many Bangkokians’ pick for the best burger comfort food. The burger sauce is particularly delectable — although we find the meat can occasionally err on the side of greasy.

The original butcher and eatery can be found out an Narathiwas Soi 20, but new branches in EmQuartier and Thonglor make it more accessible for us Sukhumvit folk.

Chef Bar

  • Sukhumvit Soi 23
  • MRT Sukhumvit/BTS Asok

We think Chef Bar is woefully underrated — particularly when it comes to their delectable burgers. Headed up by Chef Roland, you can expect perfectly composed, thick and juicy patties with far-reaching and sophisticated flavours.

We’re routinely unimpressed by the French fries served at many Bangkok burger joints, but they’re a revelation at Chef Bar: think long cuts from real potatoes in a generous portion size.

Chef Bar certainly isn’t cheap, but if you’re happy to pay for quality ingredients and all-round deliciousness, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Plus, they’re available on FoodPanda if the rain is keeping you inside the house.

Fatty’s Bar & Diner

  • 598/66 Thanon Din Daeng
  • MRT Rama 9

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For a real, American-style burger experience, you can’t go wrong at Fatty’s. In fact, they don’t stop at burgers, with a whole repertoire of stateside comfort food, as well as a great selection of craft and local brews.

Cheap, cheerful and goddamn tasty, the burgers at Fatty’s always deliver. Plus, they’ve got a huge variety to choose from, anything from your usual cheeseburgers to more sophisticated entrants like the Blue Burger (burger topped with sauteed shitaakes and blue cheese) and the Brat Burger (bratwurst, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, fried onions and stone ground mustard).

The atmosphere here is cozy in a dive bar kind-of way — make sure you check out some of their live music and open mic events.

The Fat Cow

  • 765 Lat Phrao
  • MRT Lat Phrao

The Fat Cow is definitely one of our favourite foodie haunts in Lat Phrao and a great choice for Bangkokians looking for quality burgers at a reasonable price, net.

The meat is juicy, the buns fluffy and the toppings always expertly prepared. There are 6 beef burgers on the menu, as well as a pork burger. The variations are creative, with the classic American starting at 220 baht. We’ve also got a penchant for the Fat Cow (with home smoked bacon, onion jam, pickles, aioli and tomato) and the Mexican (with chili beans ragu, pickled jalapenos, cheese and chili mayo).

If you’re into craft beers, you’re very well catered to at the Fat Cow, with a wide and changing selection of imported and local brews on rotation.

Little Market

  • 1056/7 Soi Charoenkrung 28
  • Si Pha Ya Pier

While not nearly as famous as some of the burger joints on this list, Little Market has something of a cult following for its delicious and well-priced burgers and other such comfort food.

The cafe itself is quirky, colourful and humble — and a real find in this part of Bangkok.

As far as the burgers themselves go, be prepared for flavourful, juicy meat in a deliciously fresh bun. The Triple Double Burger is particularly scrumptious, sporting 3 patties, bacon, cheese and pickles. Traditional American burger lovers will find themselves right at home in Little Market.

If you’re really feeling hungry, we’d suggest going wild with the chili cheese tater tots too.

New York Style Steak & Burger

  • Sukhumvit Soi 22
  • BTS Phrom Phong

Another Sukhumvit burger favourite is the aptly named New York Style Steak and Burger. These burgers are tall — get ready to get a little messy.

They’re not cheap, but they are stacked — go with an empty stomach and an Instagram-ready phone. The meat is imported, thick, delicious and juicy, while the brioche buns are fluffy and not so sweet that they impinge on the flavour of the patty.

Plenty of people rate the Russian dressing that comes with the burger (great for fry-dipping) although it’s rare to find patrons bowled over by the sides here.

Paper Butter

  • The Yard Hostel 51, Phahonyothin 5
  • BTS Sanam Pao

If you’re jonesing for a burger in the Ari area, get yourself down to Paper Butter and the Burger just off Phahonyothin 5.

Their house burgers are perfectly delicious — flavourful, juicy and contained with the fluffiest of butter buns — but probably their most stand-out menu item is the Chiangmai Spicy. This monster is available in pork or beef variations and is right on the money when you’re looking for something with a kick.

You can choose either the classic butter buns or charcoal sourdough — both delicious and perfectly complement the beef. Also, you’d be a fool to skip over the curly fries on the menu.

Papa’s Kitchen

  • Phattanakan Soi 30
  • About 3km from Hua Mak airport rail link station

A little out of the way for some Bangkokians, but worth a mention nevertheless, is Papa’s Kitchen on Phattanakan Soi 30.

The burgers are impressively large, with the meat thick and flavorful, and the buns on the right side of sweet and fluffy.

As well as all your usual burger variations, they’ve had plenty of fun with specials over the months: The Gringo, for instance, was an Argentinian beef patty topped with manchego cheese, chorizo, garlic aioli and olive egg salad in a rosemary and garlic bun.

Papa’s are also known for their popular half price burger parties — follow their Facebook page to make sure you catch the next one — which are impressive given the fact that they’re very reasonably priced to begin with anyway!

Stax Diner

  • 335 Sukhumvit Soi 55
  • BTS Thonglor

Super Yummy Burger

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Another newish entry to the Bangkok burger scene is Stax on Soi Thonglor. If you’re looking for a pure American diner experience, this could be the one for you.

The burgers are reliably tasty, juicy, and available in either beef or pork. If you’re looking for a kick in heat and flavour, you can’t go wrong with the Hot Stax burger. The chicken burger is also a Bangkok favourite amongst fried poultry lovers.

Stax also boast a breakfast burger, composed of sausage patty, fried egg and American cheese.

The fries certainly aren’t our favourites on the block (look to Chef Bar for that), but the Truffle and Cheesy fries are tasty enough.

What’s your pick for the best burger in Bangkok?


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