Sukhumvit’s Best Indian Restaurant Just Got Better…

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we think The Great Kabab Factory is one of Bangkok’s most underrated Indian restaurants.

Ensconced in the Majestic Grande Hotel halfway down Sukhumvit Soi 2, you kind of have to know about this gastronomic gem: it’s not one of those Sukhumvit restaurants you just fall into on the way to the pub.

Before, the Great Kabab Factory was known for its generous set menus: daily changing rosters of kababs, curries, Biryanis and breads of which diners could indulge in unlimited servings.

Their food was and is exquisite.

Mouthwatering, melt-in-the-mouth kababs are made with both vegetarian and meat ingredients before being cooked in a variety of diverse styles. Creamy curries, warm and flavoursome breads — whatever they’re serving up, you’re more or less guaranteed a tasty ride.

But while the set menus are undoubtedly delicious, there’s an air of formality about them. They give the impression that this is not a restaurant you spontaneously drop by for some good grub. This is a place you go for a lot of good food and perhaps for a special occasion.

However, the recent launch of their à la carte menu is opening up their menu like never before.

No more restrained by the set menu, diners can choose whatever they desire from a wide ranging programme of kababs, tapas, curries, sides, breads, Biryanis and desserts.

As well as having more choice than before, it’s nice to see their menu offering a more diverse range of regional Indian cuisines. You could indulge in quite the culinary expedition here if you put your mind to it.

We were invited to try some of The Great Kabab Factory’s new menu, and we did so with relish and fasted stomachs.

It was nice to see that in addition to the bounty of choice on offer by way of food, the restaurant have really upped the ante in the experience stakes.

Aside from the live music lending a buzzy vibe to proceedings, the presentation of the dishes themselves seemed much more dramatic than last time. Whether that’s Tikka salmon served up on what looks like a sea shore, or an incredibly flavourful kulfi icecream keeping its structural integrity in what looks like a beaker straight out of the chemistry lab, there’s a real performance factor to the menu that we didn’t see during our last visit.

great kabab factory a la carte menu

Char Mirch Ka Salmon Tikka

Just like with the set menu, the kababs are really the stand-out star of the à la carte menu.

We tried the Char Mirch Ka Salmon Tikka — soft and flaky salmon bites marinated in four chillies (Szechuan, black, pink and green peppercorns).

Next came the Atta Chicken: what appeared to be a large baked bread parcel, which was cut upon to reveal Tandoori Masala marinated chicken on the bone, which had been cooking in its own juices within the dough.

the great kabab factory bangkok

Atta Chicken

The Galouti Kabab we remembered had been a highlight of the set menu, and we were more than pleased to see it again: incredibly finely minced lamb served up with saffron bread in a patty. It’s so soft that it more resembles a mousse in texture, and falls apart easily.

great kabab factory thailand

The Galouti Kabab — melt. in. your. mouth.

We also tried the Gilafi Seekh Kabab: more lamb but this time minced with peppers, onions and spices onto skewers and kept warm for us over charcoal. Again, delicious — particularly with the chutneys recommended by our waiter.

the great kabab factory thailand

Gilafi Seekh Kabab

Accompanying our kababs was a fun dish of broccoli fondue, which had been cooked in a clay oven.

the great kabab factory thailand menu

Broccoli fondue

Next up came the mains and — having committed to eat less tomorrow — again we went in with gusto.

The Creamy Awadhi Butter Chicken and Lucknowi Murg Biryani were deliciously filling, but the surprise winner for us was the vegetarian Dal Factory curry: black lentils slow cooked overnight with cream, tomatoes and various spices.

the great kabab factory bangkok biryani

Lucknowi Murg Biryani

the great kabab factory vegetarian menu

Dal Factory

We rounded the meal off with paan flavoured kulfi — a frozen icecream-esque dessert made with condensed milk. Light, refreshing and just a little indulgent — a perfect way to end a meal.

the great kabab factory bangkok dessert

Paan flavoured Kulfi

Accompanying the delicious food, we ordered a pair of cocktails that complemented our cuisine quite nicely without weighing us down: the Patiyala Peg (Johnnie Walker, lemon, sugar, mint and ginger ale) and the Bottle Ka Ginn (Tanqueray, Malibu, coconut water, coconut cream and sugar).

the great kabab factory Thailand

With their new à la carte menu, The Great Kabab Factory retains their crown as one of our favourite Indian restaurants in Bangkok.

If you’re looking for a true gourmet Indian experience, The Great Kabab Factory delivers in spades.

Whether you opt for one of their set menus, or go your own way with the à la carte, you’re guaranteed a cracking dining experience here.

Bon appétit!

the great kabab factory thailand

A selection of breads

the great kabab factory a la carte menu

the great kabab factory bangkok

Before the Atta Chicken was cut open…

the great kabab factory thailand

the great kabab factory a la carte menu

the great kabab factory thailand desserts

You can find The Great Kabab Factory at…

The Majestic Grande Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 2, Bangkok 10110

Plus find them on their website and on Facebook.


Will you be trying out The Great Kabab Factory’s new à la carte menu?



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