Sukhumvit Soi 3/1

The heart of the Arab district — unimaginatively called ‘Soi Arab’ — is Sukhumvit Soi 3/1.

This is just a small sub soi next to the mighty Soi Nana, but it’s stuffed to the brim with delicious Arabian and Middle Eastern eateries. There are also a few street side stalls and shophouses selling handicrafts and clothes.

Here are some of the best bits:



Apparently the oldest Middle Eastern restaurant on Soi 3/1, Shahrazad is probably the most popular restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 3/1.

They’re best known for their mezze, but they serve up a variety of foods across Indian, Thai and Arabian cuisines, as well as a (non-translated) Iranian menu.



Nefertiti is an Egyptian restaurant on the corner of Soi 3/1 that also has plenty of outdoor seating for shisha smoking and socialising.

Portion sizes are large and prices affordable although food quality is reportedly negligible. It’s very popular nonetheless.

Nasir Al Masri


An Arab, Indian and Thai restaurant that also has a hookah and shishah corner for guests who are so inclined.

The restaurant’s owners are from Egypt and opened Nasir al Masri in 1986.

Al Ferdoss


Al Ferdoss is another popular Middle Eastern and Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Soi 3/1. While the ambiance doesn’t seem too promising — complete with fluoro lighting — the food is high quality, and there’s no surprise that this is a popular spot for foodies on the soi.

It’s found on the first floor of hotel Schiller’s Inn.



A Yemeni restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 3/1 that’s affordably priced with a wide variety of dishes — including a Thai menu and breakfast.